10 Great Literary Mashup Ideas

  • Animal Farm-to-Table: The Art of Triggering Local Socialist Movements
  • Alice's Adventures in a Land Remembered
  • Romeo and Julie of the Wolves
  • Lord Jim of the Flies
  • Ender's Hunger Games
  • The Time Traveler's Stepford Wives
  • The Devil in the Woman in White City
  • The Princess Bride Collector
  • The Man Who Mistook His Wife for the Red Hat Club
  • Eats, Shoots, and Leaves of Grass: A Zero Tolerance Approach to Individualism

Somebody please make these happen.

* * *

Image Attribution:

Carl von Bergen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Another hilarious one. Ruth, I think you may be the one to make at least one of these happen...

    1. I'm saving one for you:

      The Tenant of Thornfield Hall


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