Annual Blog Hiatus: March 13-April 17

For the next few weeks, I'll be resting my little grey cells and gearing up for another year of spirited blogging. In addition, I'll be working on some non-blogging projects and focusing on long-range development.

Which brings us to an announcement.

Within the next few months, I plan to start dropping regular installments in an actual audio series aimed to help listeners become better readers, writers, and ignorance fighters. Monthly episodes will be short, punchy, geared toward analysis and practical application, and studded with classic and contemporary literary examples. If you love truth, value language, and enjoy investigating what turns good writing to great prose, you'll want to tune in. (Also, if these recordings turn out to be anything like my live talks, they'll be riddled with inadvertent spoonerisms. So we have that to look forward to.)

That doesn't mean this blog is going anywhere! While I'm not looking forward to the nuts and bolts of getting my technological act together, I am excited about the possibilities.

I hope you are, too.

Considering how many informational streams we have vying for our attention, I appreciate that you take time every week to engage with these posts. Thank you for not rewarding me with silence but instead offering a flurry of comments on Facebook and Twitter. Your input is valued and appreciated.

If you're lonely over the next few weeks, feel free to scroll to the bottom of this post and check out some of my favorite blogs from the past twelve months.

I wish you a wonderful spring and a blessed celebration of our Savior's resurrection.

See you on April 17!

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