The Doomed Romance of Fiction: A Literary Love Song

Rochester proposed to Jane
With his wife upstairs.
Rapunzel's storied love led her
To sacrifice her hair.
Macbeth's sweet spouse seduced him
Into grisly, blood-soaked killing.
Dimmesdale didn't merit love,
But Hester Prynne proved willing.
Alas, for luckless Oedepus,
Who gouged out his own eyes
Upon the revelation
That his wife's his mom.


Oh, single friends and married friends
(And those midway 'tween labels)
Enlist in this, my festal song
(Please harmonize, if able.)
Lift loud and long in lusty praise
(and highly-stylized diction)
In thanks that we, at least,
Don't bear the doomed romance of fiction.

* * * * *

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

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''The Painter's Honeymoon'' by Frederic Leighton (1864) {{Creator| |Name = Frederic Leighton, 1st Baron Leighton |Alternative names = |Birthdate = 1830-12-03 |Birthloc = {{en|Scarborough, England }} |Deathdate = 1896-01-25 |Deathloc = {{en|London, Englan


  1. How did I miss following your blog? I also did not realize you were a poet! Awesome!

    1. Not really a poet in the strictest sense, but I do love rhyme! I used to annoy my high school students by teaching grammar in rhyming couplets. Lol.


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