How to Tell If It's Almost Time to Go Grocery Shopping

  • You opened your fridge and a tumbleweed rolled out.
  • You've blazed through last year's hurricane supplies.
  • You've used up all your travel toiletries and are now washing your hair with hand soap.
  • You've been brushing your teeth with baking soda and vinegar.
  • You're washing dishes with bubble mixture.
  • You haven't dumped out your contact lens solution in three days.
  • You ate a bowl of Parmesan cheese for dinner.
  • You served a scented candle for dessert.
  • You've tried using dryer sheets as deodorant.
  • You're substituting a hand towel for Kleenex.
  • You're brought in leftover fast food napkins from the car for toilet paper. 
  • You tried toasting acorns and grinding them for coffee.
  • You're cleaning everything with Windex.
  • You're almost out of Windex.
* * * * * 

Compiled with the help of some anonymous readers.
We'd like you to know that although we really do hate shopping,
we haven't really done everything on this list.


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