25 Tasks to Accomplish Before Sharing Your Next Snarky Political Meme

For those insistent on sharing snarky political memes, I have a challenge for you.

25 Tasks to Accomplish Before Sharing Your Next Snarky Political Meme:
  1. Shut off your computer for an hour and spend it outside: take a walk; rake leaves; go for a run; kayak downriver; stand in your driveway and watch the sun set while singing "How Great Thou Art" at top voice; climb a tree and yodel over the fence at the neighbors.
  2. Read the entire Bible. (If you've never read the Bible, start with the Book of John.)
  3. Play a board game with the kids. 
  4. Drive to the nearest ocean and jump in fully clothed.
  5. Download Overdrive; check out an e-book; read it. (Don't have a library card? Get one. Can't get one? Check out Project Gutenburg.)
  6. Tour the American Southwest.
  7. Take up beekeeping. The world needs bees! Also, the world needs selfies of you in a beekeeping suit. Either way, the world wins.
  8. Donate blood. 
  9. Watch "Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere" (now streaming on Netflix).
  10. Grab a friend you won't feel like killing and learn to dance the Funky Charleston together. Once you've nailed it, stage a public performance. (Once you've staged a performance, send me video clips.)
  11. Make a new friend. (If he's single, refer him to me.)
  12. Read Dickens. All of it.
  13. Repeat one of your children's made-up knock knock jokes to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. See how many of them pretend to "get it."
  14. Try to understand why shortalls happened. Then try to understand why they're coming back.
  15. Learn to Lindy Hop.
  16. Invite your church small group over to dinner. Reenact Macbeth's dinner party scene ("Banquo's Ghost Appears"). Don't warn your wife in advance.
  17. See how high you can count in Fibonacci numbers.
  18. Study the official rules of Cricket.
  19. Mentor/disciple a child, teen, young adult, or younger believer.
  20. Memorize the libretto of Mendelssohn's Hymn of Praise...in German. Ditto Mozart's Requiem, except in Latin.
  21. Write a genuine Elizabethan sonnet.
  22. Immerse yourself in fellowship with a local church. Work together to minister to one another and the community: share the Gospel, feed the hungry, counsel the brokenhearted, care for the sick, and serve the poor.
  23. Host a backyard barbecue for your friends and neighbors. Discuss how you can all work together for the good of the neighborhood. 
  24. Commit yourself to living a joyful, productive life--a life in which you prayerfully take responsibility the things that you can control and rest in the sovereignty of God for the things that you can't.
  25. Pray for your elected/appointed leaders: that they grow in wisdom, learn to execute justice, and actively promote peace.
If you've accomplished these challenges and still feel a burning need to share that snarky political meme, go head.

Or share this post instead.

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  1. Watching a sunset while singing, "How Great Thou Art"--GREAT idea!!

  2. Let me know how it works out!

  3. I live in Alaska. 5 months to go until my next sunset.

  4. OK but what if the election has left us with a deep-seated existential dread which haunts our every waking hour?


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