Awards I Could Actually Win

I finished a half marathon yesterday. In the weeks leading up to the race, my nieces and nephews kept asking if I thought I'd "win." Anyone who's finished any sort of race knows that finishing is a win. So getting a participation medal is winning enough for me. More than enough. It's practically a miracle. I'm probably the world's most reluctant athlete, and a solid middle-of-the-pack runner.

But that's fine. 

There are plenty of other awards I could win - if anybody gave out awards for the things I'm actually good at:
  • Drinking more coffee than my doctor recommends
  • Remembering every intricacy of a plot but not the characters' names
  • Planning vacations I can't afford
  • Owning the world's highest unanswered correspondence stack
  • Dreaming about getting up and getting ready for the day and then waking up and realizing I still have to get ready for the day
  • Losing socks
  • Forgetting birthdays
  • Making friends with waiters and waitresses
  • Dithering over punctuation
  • Driving to the wrong destination because I'm busy working on bits of dialogue in my head
  • Writing out detailed shopping lists and leaving them at home
  • Proofreading texts after I send them


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