10 Ways to Make Mornings Easier

10. Get enough sleep.
9. Invest in a programmable auto-brew coffee maker; rise only when the brew cycle's done.
8. Find an outfit that works and buy five identical sets; roll out of bed with your eyes closed; zombie-walk to the closet; get dressed in the dark.
7. Contract a short-order cook to arrive every morning and serve up hot meals.
6. Establish family rules for acceptable morning communication (volume, content, frequency); severely punish infractions.
5. Locate your car keys the night before. Ditto your wallet, cell phone, umbrella, water bottle, etc.
4. Drink enough water
3. Eat enough fiber.
2. Glue your kids' shoes to their feet.
1. Get up at noon.

* * * * *

A Little News

Life is busy just now -- in the best way possible. First, I'm coming down to the wire with deadlines on upcoming releases (Over the weekend, I saw the galley for Collapsible: A Novel of Friendship, Broken Bones, Coffee, Shenanigans, and the Occasional Murder. I'm not going to lie - seeing the ISBN number totally made me tear up.) In addition to those deadlines, my freelance schedule has really taken off, and I'm blessed with almost more work than I can handle. I'm heavily involved with my church family, and I'm training for a half marathon. Then there's the small matter  of friends, my day job, and this business we call life.

You may already have noticed that my blog posts have begun to shrink. While I'll still be posting here every Monday, the length and substance of the posts may be truncated between now and the holidays, at which point my life should settle into more of a groove. At that time, I'll have more time to devote to the full-length essays that make up the majority of the posts on this site.  Until then, I beg your patience with short blurbs and list posts. 

I'm sure you understand. 

Thank you for being such faithful and thoughtful readers. Slowly but surely, your numbers are increasing, and I'm thankful for every addition. 

* * * * *


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