Traveling with an Adopted Extended Family

I've done a fair amount of traveling, most of it solo or with one or two carefully-selected travel partners. That's because no matter how well-planned or exotic the trip, it's the company that makes or breaks it. Good travel companions can make the worst situations tolerable and bad ones ruin everything.

I'm currently traveling with a family of five: two adults and three children (although the kids told me they prefer the term very young adults). Naturally, traveling with a family provides an entirely different travel experience. It's not bad--just different.

How Traveling with an Adopted Extended Family Is Different:

1. Everything takes longer.

2. Every emotion is extreme.

3. Every crowd is a potential disaster.

4. Everything is exciting until it suddenly isn't.

Traveling with children who are experiencing the world for the first time brings added layers of richness and wonder. Their questions challenge me to pay closer attention and drive me to learn more. Traveling with a set of adults who know eachother well and are already accustomed to operating as a unit brings a helpful team dynamic that encourages everyone to share the load of plotting and decision-making.

Plus, with three adults on hand, there's always someone awake early enough to run out for coffee.

And that's a definite plus.


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