Should We Still Be Traveling?

In the past, whenever I discussed upcoming travel plans, I'd be met with enthusiastic questions about who I'd be traveling with and what we planned to see and do. This year as I've planned my travels, I've noticed a shift. Instead of being greeted with enthusiasm, I've been met with concerns, warnings, and questions regarding whether this whole travel thing is still a good idea.

Am I not concerned with the threat of international terrorism? Have I considered just staying Stateside until some of the global upheaval has died down?

These are valid concerns, and I don't mind addressing them. 

Here's how I see it.

The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are 1 in 9.3 million, whereas the odds of dying in a car accident are only 1 in 18,585, and the odds that I'll be murdered are just 1 in 18,000.  I'm more likely to be killed by a freak fireworks accident (1 in 1,000,000) than by a terrorist. Given my questionable history with ladders, the odds that I'll fall from one and die are probably even shorter than what's reported (1 in 2,300,000).

So international travel is not the most dangerous thing I do. 

Furthermore, considering the fact that just a few weeks ago, a man pledging allegiance to the Islamic State carried out a mass shooting just two hours from my home, and that he planned the attack while living in my town, I'm not sure how I can reasonably believe that staying home will increase my safety.

Our world is not safe.

We have always known this.

Even before our awareness of global terrorism, danger has stalked us. If we want reasons to fear, we need not look far to find them. I once had a rattlesnake fall on my head out of nowhere. So I know the unpredictability of danger better than anybody.

Ultimately, I'm not afraid to travel because I know that whether at home or abroad, my times are in my Father's hands. While that doesn't free me to make brainless moves or take unreasonable risks, it does free me to face potential dangers without fear. 

Whenever Jesus chooses to call me home, I'll be happy to go. Until then, I'm going to enjoy this amazing world as I wait for the great Shalom ushered in by the Prince of Peace.


  1. Terrorist want to inspire fear, so not to travel is to let them win.


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