Florida Summer: The Ultimate Bummer

When thunderclouds rise in the deep Western skies
And the air is as heavy as lead
When fat Bufo toads squat there right by our toes
When we feel ourselves frown as the sweat trickles down
From our necks to the small of our backs
Then we know without doubt that our luck has run out 
And the summer's arrived right on track.

Oh, this Florida summer--it's really a bummer
The sunshine's so bright we go blind
It's hot and it's muggy, and outside it's buggy
The heat index just is unkind
The gators are gloating, the fire ants floating
The old folks have all fled up North
On the Fourth of July we'll sit inside and cry
As the A/C once more proves its worth.

By fall, if you find that we've all lost our minds
We have our own reasons, remember
(The number one reason is Hurricane Season
Which stretches from June to November)
We hang down our heads for the season we dread
It's summer down here in SoFlo
We know how to deal, but don't ask how we feel
Unless you--in fact--want to know.


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