Publication Announcement: Praise the Lord and Pass the Exposition

Many of you have already heard my news: I've signed a multibook publishing deal with Pelican Book Group to produce a trio of comic suspense novels. 

What this means for me is that between now and December, I will be working hard to meet deadlines. I fully expect to be burning the midnight oil afternoon writing candle at both ends for a while. 

What this means for you is that sometime within the next year, I'll be offering up my first novel for your enjoyment/summary judgment. Once in your hot little hands, this book will be yours to do with as you wish: read, critique, share, cherish, sleep with under your pillow, burn on a pyre, throw into the Grand Canyon, save in a locked bank vault to bequeath to your firstborn child, praise to the skies, or fillet alive on Goodreads. 

At any rate, it'll be yours to do with as you wish. Whatever the outcome, I'm just excited to have finally clawed my way into the publishing industry.

The good news for the blog is that I don't foresee many interruptions. Although my posts might vary in length as I push toward deadlines, I fully expect to continue delivering the weekly, well-balanced doses of ridiculousness and reason that you've come to expect, continuing next Monday with the second installment of "When Ruth Is Stranger Than Fiction." 

In the meantime, praise the Lord and pass the exposition! 


  1. I say again, "YAY!"
    I can't wait to put my beady little eyes on it. ��

    1. Oh, the beady eyes comment.... you guys aren't going to let me forget that, are you?


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