The Greatest Apps that Haven't Been Invented

There really are a lot of amazing apps out there: apps to make dinner reservations before you leave the house, apps to track your diet, to help you remember where you parked your car, and even apps to help you find the cleanest public restrooms.

I firmly believe, however, that the greatest apps are still to come. 
  • an app that lets you sleep while you're really awake
  • an app that coordinates traffic lights so that you never have to wait
  • an app that lets you preview people's reactions to comments you're about to make so that you can know how far is too far before you actually go too far
  • an app that tracks socks through the entire laundry process
  • an app that turns on the shower when your alarm clock goes off so that the whole bathroom's nice and toasty before you even get out of bed
  • an app that adds a canned laugh track when nobody gets your jokes
  • an app that matches you with the least awkward seat partner on a long flight
  • an app that tracks your conversations and creates fake websites to back you up in the event that a trivial argument resorts to Googling
  • an app that tracks what your in-laws give you for Christmas so that you can always set the items out or wear them when they visit
  • an app that remembers your dreams so that you can re-watch them in the morning
  • an app that automatically auto tunes your voice whenever you have to sing in public
  • an app that lets you know when your coffee's the perfect temperature for sipping


Thanks to my friends Laura and Joel for helping me brainstorm!


Photo Credit: 
By Mozilla Foundation [MPL 1.1 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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