Ruth's Rules for a Better Life, Part 2

  • Stockpile coffee
  • Keep your passport current
  • Take delight in the ridiculous
  • Don't rely on memory
  • Take legible notes
  • Always have a book handy
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Acquire historical boyfriends
  • Enroll in automatic bill pay
  • Drink water; eat breakfast; get enough sleep 
  • Eliminate spiders
  • Engage in public Morris Dancing
  • Keep the bathroom clean
  • Sip cold sweet tea in the warm sunshine 
  • Read where you travel and travel where you read
  • Tip well
  • Share your faith
  • Ask tough questions
  • Confuse strangers 
  • Invest in friendship
  • Do hard things
  • Learn to fail
  • Never measure over the mixing bowl
  • Never confuse your pillar candle with your coffee mug
  • Never grow out a pixie cut


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