How Life Goes

How Life Goes

Sometimes you're the first blush of springtime;
Sometimes you’re the dead leaves of fall. 
Sometimes you're the bee who has learned to fly free;
And sometimes you’ve no wings at all. 

Sometimes you're a fresh sip of water;
Sometimes you’re a tart drip of lime.
Sometimes you're the girl who could marry an earl;
And sometimes you're not worth his time.

Sometimes you're a smooth curve of sunlight;
Sometimes you're an inky-black lake. 
Sometimes you're the belle who does everything well;
And sometimes you're one vast mistake.

Sometimes you're the fair Lady Éowyn;
Sometimes you are Lady Macbeth
Sometimes you bring joy to each girl and boy;
And sometimes you scare them to death.

Sometimes you’re a cool beam of moonlight;
Sometimes you’re a broken-off nap. 
Sometimes you're the one who is holding the gun;
And sometimes you're cheese in the trap. 

Sometimes all goes just as you planned it;
Sometimes there is no end in sight.
Sometimes you don’t sleep while you sit up and weep;
And sometimes you switch off the light.

Sometimes this sweet life will astound you;
Sometimes there are more cons than pros.
Sometimes you will shrug as your plans come unplugged;
And you’ll say, “Sometimes that’s how life goes.”


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