Open Letter to the Woman Who Gave Me the Side-Eye as I Applied Deodorant at a Stop Light

Photo courtesy of Chloe
Dear Woman Who Gave Me the Side-Eye as I Applied Deodorant at a Stop Light,

Don't tell me you've never had a day slide sideways on you.

Don't tell me you've never found yourself pin-balling through your morning, breaking into a sweaty panic over how ridiculously wrong everything has gone--a sweaty panic compounded by the fact that you've run out of deodorant.

Don't tell me how you planned to buy deodorant after dropping the Oldest Child off at school, only to develop sudden car troubles that must be dealt with immediately; and by the time the car was dealt with, it was time to start work, and you still didn't have any deodorant.

Don't tell me about how all morning you felt yourself sweating; about how you worried that you were starting to stink; about how all the worrying just made you more sweaty.

Don't tell me that the only time you had to buy deodorant was during a twenty-minute window while the Younger Child was at his violin lesson, and that you wanted to hurry and slather some protection under your armpits before you actually arrived in the parking lot of the music school where people who actually know you might witness you deodorizing yourself in your car in the middle of the day.

Don't tell me you've never had a day like that.

I know that you have. We all have, and we all need to cut each other some slack when we see it going down for someone else. 

Thanks for your understanding.

Your Friendly Neighborhood ESTJ 


  1. She was probably hurt that you didn't offer to share.


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