Stopping by Woods on a Saucy Evening: Frost Meets Millay

Two sonnets meet in the woods on a cold winter's night. 

Anything could happen.

Stopping by Woods on a Saucy Evening

by Robert Frost, 
Edna St. Vincent Millay, 
and R. Buchanan

Whose lips I've kissed, I think you know.
My husband's still home sleeping, though. 
He will not see me stopping here,
Recalling long-forgotten beaux.
My heart throbs quietly with pain,
Rememb'ring those brave lads again.
Now they've all vanished, one by one:
Like flitting birds, they've come and gone.
Where once their summer sang through me,
Now stand I here, a frost-stripped tree.
These woods are lonely, dark and deep,
And I have promises to keep
To my new bridegroom, home asleep.
To my new bridegroom, home asleep. 

* * * *

The Originals:

* * * *

Hat Tip to Bethany for inadvertently providing the inspiration for this mashup.

Want to see more like this? Feel free to suggest poetic mashups in the comments section below. 

Better yet, try some of your own! 

The world needs this.


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