16 Reasons to Run in Florida

16 Reasons to Run in Florida:
  1. The alligators are chasing you.
  2. The cows are chasing you.
  3. The hogs are chasing you. 
  4. The bears are chasing you.
  5. The scorpions are chasing you.
  6. The mosquitoes are chasing you. 
  7. The pythons are chasing you.
  8. The wolf spiders are chasing you.
  9. A hurricane is chasing you.
  10. A bath salts zombie who wants to eat your face is chasing you.
  11. You love slicing through the warm bath water that passes for air.
  12. You love misery.
  13. You want to keep fit.
  14. You want to show off for the elderly. 
  15. You want to get inside before the sun rises and melts your face off.
  16. You want to die of heat stroke. 


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