Ruth's Rules for a Better Life

  1. Drink your first coffee of the day while sitting down.
  2. Never run in wet flip-flops.
  3. Take life seriously, but also not seriously.
  4. Celebrate "Cheese O'clock."
  5. Pray.
  6. Watch every sunset, preferably while dressed in black tie and walking on the beach.
  7. Hire Morgan Freeman to be your chauffeur. 
  8. Never eat raw kale.
  9. Get a library card and use it.
  10. Only pine after someone worthy of your love.
  11. Cook with lots of garlic.
  12. Don't read the comments. 
  13. Infuse all conversations with a unique blend of intelligence and sass. 
  14. Love your enemies. 
  15. Eat enough fiber.
  16. Become a handwriting expert so that you can make surreptitious entries in other people's journals.
  17. Travel.
  18. Master Tuvan Throat Singing.
  19. Assemble your own 3D printer, but for feelings.
  20. Become friends with Bill Bryson. 
  21. Read, study, learn.
  22. Work out.
  23. Eat more bacon and eggs.
  24. Love the life you have.
  25. Cancel Mondays. 


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