Packing Problems

If you're going to travel, you're going to pack, and if you're going to pack, you're going to have problems.

Lots of them.

Packing Problems

  1. You want to pack what you're wearing.
  2. Nothing else is clean.
  3. What actually is clean doesn't fit.
  4. What actually does fit is weird. 
  5. Nothing in your entire closet makes sense.
  6. None of your socks have mates.
  7. You used up all of your mini toiletries the last time you ran out of the regular ones and were too lazy to go to the store. (You like using mini toiletries. It makes you feel like a giant.)
  8. You will need to take your shoes. All of them.
  9. After packing your Bible, your devotional, your prayer journal, your personal journal, your Writing Ideas notebook, and all of the books that you're in the process of reading (plus your e-reader as a safety) there's no room left for anything else.
  10. You never unpacked your suitcase from the last time. 

But maybe that's just me. 


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