All of This Has Not Been Enough

Sometimes we feel unhappy with life.

Whether because of choices we have made or because of events beyond our control, we find ourselves increasingly dissatisfied.

When this happens, we really only have two choices.

First, we can wallow. By looking primarily inward; by focusing on our own wishes, hopes, and desires; by looking outward only to make comparisons with others and catalog where our lives seem to have fallen short of expectation--in this way we can hold on to (and perhaps even relish) our feelings of injury.

But when we find that wallowing hasn't made us happy (which of course it won't), the quickest way out of the pit is to ask this question:

How can I look at God and say, "All of this has not been enough"?

The beauty of this world has not been enough.

The warm love of family and friends has not been enough.

The comfort and wisdom of Scripture has not been enough.

The freedom of forgiveness of sin has not been enough.

Being part of the Body of Christ has not been enough.

Fellowship with You has not been enough.

All of this has not been enough.

* * *

If you can consider the benefits that have been lavished on you by grace 

and can still look at God and say, 

"All of this has not been enough," 

then there will never be an end to your dissatisfaction. 


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