Christian Cop Out #2 - "Waiting"

Welcome to a new series highlighting one of the most offensive trends in modern Christianity. My purpose is not to make us all doubt the sincerity of the people around us, but to encourage us to examine ourselves and ensure that we're not the offenders. Psalm 139:23.

Christian Cop Out #2 - "Waiting"

Situations do exist in which it's appropriate to wait for God to move. After all, there are some things that only he can do.

Unfortunately, we may be tempted to use "waiting on God" as a stalling mechanism to avoid dealing with situations that are clearly our own responsibilities. Maybe the next steps are tough, and we dread them. Maybe we're hoping someone else will intervene. Maybe we're legitimately afraid.

Whatever the reason, in such cases "waiting on God" becomes a lie: a spiritual-sounding excuse for inaction. 

If you're a student of the Word, it's rare that you'll reach a situation in which there's absolutely no Scriptural direction. How else could Peter have assured us that God has provided for us everything we need for life and godliness? 

Often God has already made his will abundantly clear in Scripture, and what we lack is not additional leading from the Lord, but the wisdom, courage, discernment, and obedience to follow through on what's already been revealed.

There are times that we wait for God, yes. We wait for God to move, and do what only he can do. But there are times that God waits for us--waits for us to learn, to grow, to mature, to shoulder our own spiritual responsibilities and to step out in faith.

Learning the difference will keep us from using "waiting on God" as an excuse doing nothing.


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    1. <3 you too. I write this because this has been me many times in the past.


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