Blog Hiatus: March 23-April 20, 2015

Photo Courtesy of the lovely (and longsuffering) Dawn Buchanan

For the next few weeks I'll be off adventuring, most likely acting ridiculous in the process and inadvertently gathering material for more installments of These Awkward Things I've Done.

For those of you on my itinerary: I'll see you very soon!

The rest of you I'll see back here toward the end of April. In addition to traveling, I'll be taking a break from blogging in order to begin developing a new blog series--something amazing that is literally going to melt your face off. You're going to love it, I know. (Just as soon as I figure out what it's going to be.) 

My readership isn't gigantic, but you're all so consistent and enthusiastic that I can't wait to come back and hit you with some more quality posts. Or just some regular posts. Or at the very least, a few phrases strung together in a way that makes moderate sense. 

(I live in hope.)

So see you out there! 

Or back here in April. 

Or wherever, really.



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