What to Do When Valentine's Day Makes You Feel Like Imploding

I think we can agree that Valentine's Day is a little silly, what with the chintzy marketing and the ridiculous social pressure. But if we all know that it's ridiculous, why do some of us dread it? Perhaps it's because we're looking at it the wrong way.

We have the lens turned backward.

When you feel that Valnetine's Day is going to make you implode, the best thing to do is to meditate on this foundational truth:

You don't exist just to be loved: you exist to show love. 

The One who loves you best does so because it's in his nature to love - not because you are so intrinsically lovable - and we're only capable of loving God and others at all because he loved us first. So that should put some things into perspective for us.

If you struggle with the concept of facing Valentine's Day without a romantic partner, the only real solution is to treat this struggle as you would any other: turn your stumblingblock into an altar. 

Although Valentine's Day isn't a true holiday (in that it's not a holy day), you can sanctify it by claiming it as a platform to spread the best and most enduring love -- the pure love of Christ.

When you don't feel loved, that's when offering love can feel most like a sacrifice. But just as Jesus didn't come into this world to be ministered to, you are not here just to be loved. You are here to show love. 

This is just as true on Valentine's Day as it is on every other day.


  1. Awesome post, thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks! Always glad to hear that something connects.


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