Love Song for a Very Specific Type of Nerd

Tesla was a little nuts;
Also, he is dead.
Faramir has passed to myth.
Captain Wentworth's wed.
Chamberlain sleeps in the grave.
Atticus is fake.
If they were only here and now,
What valentines they'd make!

Valentine from Ender's Game
Grows up super chill.
No one's outclassed Boudica;
No one ever will.
Earhart's vanished; Ella's dead;
Farewell, Madame Curie.
If they were only here and now,
What valentines they'd be!

Marguerite St. Just, Nat Eaton,
Ned, Galadriel.
Aragorn of Arathorn,
Sayers, Sabriel.
Nathan Coulter, Jubal Sackett,
Flannery O'Connor.
If they were only here and now,
I'm sure we'd all be goners. 

* * * *
Heartthrob Roll Call:

(a list of helpful links)

Captain Wentworth 
Joshua Chamberlain
Atticus Finch
Valentine Wiggin
Amelia Earhart
Ella Fitzgerald
Marie Curie
Marguerite St. Just (Blakeney)
Nat Eaton
Ned Henry
Aragorn II, (Elessar) son of Arathorn
Dorothy L. Sayers
Nathan Coulter
Jubal Sackett (Caveat: Tell Sackett is actually my favorite, but his name doesn't quite fit.)
Flannery O'Connor 


  1. Nice. Edna will be sad she didn't make it, but then she's sad in general.

    1. She certainly had a lot of loves during her short life. I'm sure she wouldn't mind adding a few more names to the list...... :)


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