How to Write a Blog Post (a behind-the-scenes look)

I've been blogging for a few years now. I like to think that I'm getting better at it, but sometimes I'm not so sure.

If blogging has been good for anything, though, it's helped me learn to meet self-imposed deadlines and noodle out my writing process.

 Below you will find the twenty steps I generally follow as I prepare for my weekly posts. 

This is how the magic happens.

How to Write a Blog Post:

1. Get a good idea.

2. Forget it immediately.

3. Spend the next few days trying to remember what your good idea was.

4. Hit self in the head with a frying pan. 

5. Remember something that is similar to your original idea, only not quite as good.

6. Decide that a second-rate idea is better than nothing.

7. Brew coffee.

8. Sit down at computer; check all social media outlets; remember that you're supposed to be writing.

9. Start to write. 

10. Get interrupted 4,567 times.

11. Brew more coffee.

12. Complete the first draft of the blog post.

13. Decide to proofread it later. 

14. Accidentally hit "Publish" instead of "Save."

15. Break into a panicky sweat.

16. Rush to delete the post, then realize the futility of this, since the update has already been e-mailed
to your subscribers.

17. Begin keening softly. 

18. Click "Edit." 

19. Conduct a rushed, inefficient copyedit in which you fix a few small mistakes while somehow simultaneously creating new, staggeringly huge ones that you won't notice until after you've already sent the update.

20. Re-read the update. 

21. Feel sort of hopeless.

22. Feverishly edit the copyedit, hoping everyone slept in this morning and won't look at the monstrosity until you're done mangling it into shape.  

23. Wonder why you ever decided to start blogging in the first place.

24. Drink more coffee.

25. Shut the computer and go do something all-engrossing, hoping to forget, for a little while. 

26. Read through the blog post later and decide it's not so bad.

27. Remember your original idea. 

* * * *

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