How to Make Friends, Part 1 of 7: Make Friends of your Family

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Some my my best friends are my family members. This is only partially because we have no choice in the matter of knowing one another. Even if we weren't related by blood, I'd still choose them as friends. They are some of the most supportive, intelligent, godly, and entertaining people ever.

As friendship goes, this group has much to recommend it.

First they're loyal. They've come to all of my productions, concerts, and shows. They’ve been beside me at every step (except for the steps that they thought were stupid). They visited me while I lived overseas, and if they couldn’t visit, they sent letters, e-mails, cards, and coffee. 

Second, they're supportive. They sit through endless script readings and discussions of rough drafts and self-indulgent rants about  my troublesome writing projects... just because. They've made it clear that they believe I'll succeed, and they cheer loud and long with every new achievement. (I mean it. They literally shout "Hurray!" in unison. It's uncanny.)

Third, they're engaging. The wide-ranging interests of each family member means there's never a dull conversational moment. (My mother recently sat down next to someone we'd invited to dinner and asked, "So... what's your opinion on the Nephilim?" He almost swallowed his teeth.) 

Fourth, they're entertaining. They make me laugh harder than almost anybody else.

Best Photo Ever, by Bethany Buchanan
Best of all, most members of my family won't put up with my self-indulgent pity parties or ridiculous flights of selfish fancy. They challenge me to become more Christlike and are not afraid to tell me to get over myself when necessary. (It's often necessary.)

Of course, we can’t always help whom we’re related to, and if you've been blessed with a different sort of family, I understand. This is a seven-part series, and I promise that every other aspect  of friendship discussed will deal with situations under your direct control. 

But I would be wrong to attempt any serious discussion of friendship with out first acknowledging the best and dearest friends of my life: my family.


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