How to Become a Vigilante Superhero in Six Easy Steps

Guest post by Bethany Buchanan


1. Live in a big city. Because fighting crime in the country would put lots of miles on the hero-mobile.

2. Learn to keep a secret. Because most people suck at it, and it takes practice.

3. Learn to sew. Until you find a master tailor to be your sidekick, you’ll have to repair all of those close-call, knife-fight tears yourself. And you'll have the added bonus of being able to give yourself stitches without raising suspicions at the local ER.

4. Learn to fight. Because contrary to Hollywood lore, just getting out there on the streets and standing up to bad guys doesn’t cut it.

5. Learn the law. Because sooner or later you’re going to run into law-enforcement officers, and you need to know how to keep on their good side and yourself out of the clink.

6. Get an actual job in which you make lots of money. Because living in a big city, stocking sewing supplies, getting fight training, and earning a law degree are not cheap. 


  1. Will keep all this in mind before rolling out the mighty Batula.


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