Three Reasons to Watch World Cup Even if You Don't Follow Sportsball

Although I love competition and greatly admire athletic ability, I don't generally follow sports. It's too much of a time commitment, for one. For another, I've never felt any great affinity for any of the cities/states where I've lived, meaning that I lack the sort of local patriotism required to become fanatic about a particular sports team.

But while I don't follow sports in general, I do make an exception for the World Cup. 

You should too. 

Three Reasons to Watch World Cup Even if You Don't Follow Sportsball:

  1. The Hair. I think ABC says it best: "One of the selling points of the 2014 FIFA World Cup is the salad bowl of countries and ethnic groups who represent the dozens of cultures. Another perk, however, is delighting in the creative ways players coif their hair in the heat and humidity of Brazil." From David Luiz's flowing curls to Mathieu Debuchy's neo-Swing Kids style to Rodrigo Palacio's whimsical (and hideous) off-center rat tail, World Cup 2014 was a veritable treat for lovers of all hairstyles: the good, the bad, and the ridiculous. Check out ABC's slideshow here.
  2. The Drama. As a veteran middle/high school teacher, former drama director, and playwright, I relish all overt displays of human drama; hence I hold in high esteem any sport which allows its players such a vast range of human expression. When it's all said and done, I'm a little disappointed that the players don't take a curtain call. 
  3. The Global Phenomenon. America's persistent isolationism can be seen in many areas. Of primary concern is our refusal to adopt the metric system despite the fact that the measuring system we actually use makes very little sense. Of secondary concern is that our public restroom doors often have huge gaps in them. Of tertiary concern is our ambivalence toward futbol. While the rest of the world loses their minds over the sport on a regular basis, Americans are only vaguely aware that it exists. Perhaps this is because futbol is one area in which Americans are unable to make any pretense toward superiority. (Tim Howard being a notable exception.)
Similar claims can be made for watching the Olympics, which is why the summer of 2016 will find me once again glued to the screen, pretending to care about sports.

Until then, I'll just be over here in the corner not caring. 


  1. I think enjoyment of the futbol depends on childhood exposure/experiences. My siblings and I all played in a fantastic league and we're all still big fans.


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