Just a Little Advice for the Ladies

Best Stay Single: 
An Ironic Love Song Based on Literary Spoilers

Sir Percy’s vows to Margurite 
Were based on a deception.
Darcy and Elizabeth
Embodied misconception.
While Rochester wooed gentle Jane,
He hid a wife upstairs.
If these be paragons of love,
Then, ladies, say your prayers.

Poor loving Desdomona 
Was strangled by her mate.
Petruchio retained the right to
Boss and roughhouse Kate.
When Juliet wed Romeo,
It ended in her death.
If these be paragons of love,
Then, girls, don't hold your breath.

Alex/Angel (take your pick!)
Ruined Tess’s life.
Claudio shamed Hero 
‘Stead of taking her to wife.
Benedick and Beatrice
Let love and hate comingle. 
If these be paragons of love, 
Then, ladies, best stay single.

©2014 Ruth Buchanan


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