Honest Travel Photos

Let's face it. For as awesome as traveling is, there are moments in every trip during which we wonder if we probably should have just stayed home. Even the most seasoned travelers feel this way on even the most spectacular trips.

These moments rarely come across in post-vacation photos, however.

Oh, no.

To look at someone else's travel photos is to view a sun-drenched, adventure-filled getaway that makes us simply ache with jealousy.

It's good for us to remember, then, that most photo albums are self-editied, and that for every photo that looks like this:

...there are probably also a few that look something like this:

Know that if you choose to travel, you will not always look your best. 

You will not always be at your best, because even the best trips carry their own frustrations.

Sometimes it's too hot.

Sometimes it's too cold.

 Sometimes you travel with people who bicker constantly, like this:

Or make you feel like this: 

Sometimes there will be that one person who just won't stop talking:

Sometimes you'll have a seatmate who farts in his sleep.

Sometimes you'll be too jet lagged to figure out what day it is, and you will look like this:

 Sometimes only one person enjoys the day's activities.

Sometimes everything is hard.

Sometimes jump photos are almost more trouble than they're worth.

Sometimes you're such a bossy wreck that even the best backdrop can't ensure a good shot.

Some travel days just feel like this:

Sometimes you have to sleep wherever jet lag hits you.

Sometimes you make it back to the hotel, but you're too tired to bother with pajamas. Or covers. Or breathing.

Not every jump gets off the ground.

Not every moment is a winner.

Sometimes you'll wonder why you left home at all.

The truth about travel is that it's weird and wild and frustrating and beautiful. It's fun and not fun all rolled into one. You will have plans fall through. You will be jet lagged. You will get lost. Taxi drivers will rip you off. Locals will laugh at you. You will contract food poisoning and drop your sunglasses into the squat toilet. 

I'm not trying to talk you out of travel. I'm just saying. 

The next time you're scrolling through photos of your friend's perfect trip and wondering why your vacations never seem to measure up, remember this: travel photos only tell the story that we want them to tell. 


  1. I love your honesty. It's true! While I can't wait to go back, every trip I've made to India/Asia has had some absolutely horrible moments.


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