Things We Do in Summer

As we shiver through the long dark of winter, we eagerly look for the first hint of summer's warming glow. We glory in the lengthening days. We revel in shrugging off the mortal coil of thick sweaters and woolen underpants. The first night we sleep with our windows open, our giant collective heart throbs with unbridled joy.  

But then summer actually arrives, bringing in its train the forgotten horrors of sunburn, crowds of tourists, swarms of flies, plagues of locust, cars converted temporarily into boiling canisters of death, and baseball season.

And we all wonder what we were thinking.

Okay, maybe not. Maybe your  love for summer remains as pure and unblemished as a kindergarten kiss. 

But regardless of where we find ourselves on the emotional spectrum, we'll probably all agree that with summer comes a definite list of things we'll do, things we'll want to do (but probably won't), and things we probably won't do, ever.

Things We Do in Summer:
1. Complain about the heat.
2. Complain about the humidity.
3. Complain about the rain.
4. Complain about the mosquitoes.
5. Complain about how short summer is.
6. Wonder why we plan such complicated vacations that involve little to no rest and result in coming home more exhausted and frazzled than when we left.

Things We Want to Do (But Probably Won't):
1. Enjoy having nothing to do.
2. Apply sunblock evenly. (Or at all.)
3. Stay under budget while on vacation.
5. Institute daily flashcard drills to ensure that the kids' math facts stay fresh.
6. Keep our days and nights from getting turned around. (Yes, teachers and college students. I'm talking about you.)

Things We Probably Won't Do, Ever
1. Smear ourselves with honey before laying out in the back yard... just to see if the ants have learned any self-control since last year.
2. Go jogging at noon under the blaze of a full summer sun. (Unless you live in Maine. Or Edinburgh.  Then you'll probably be okay.)
3. Swim with sharks.
4. Eat enough watermelon.

As we've established previously, these lists do exist, even if just in our minds. While evaluating your own list, do yourself a favor and consider shuffling a few of these points around from one section to another. 

I can't think of a better way to kick summer to the next level! 


  1. Living in Florida is not conducive to a love of summer!

    1. All the blistering heat of summer with very little of the sun!

      Are you having the same daily thunderheads that we are? The back yard is mush.

    2. We sure are! It's a swamp behind the house. The ground is soft and everything is overgrown. I do wish mosquitoes could drown.


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