Why Moving Is Awesome

I believe that change is good. In fact, it think it's so good that I'm on the verge of making some rather large life changes, one of which involves moving. And apparently I'm so addicted to change that I'm going to move not once but twice in the span of two months.

Now, some people don't like moving.  They dread all of the work entailed and the general disruption to daily life.

But me?  I love moving.  It's awesome! And I will tell you why.

Why Moving Is Awesome:

  • You'll be forced to confront your clutter. Teetering violently between the acknowledgement of unparalleled advantage and the anguished shame of a hoarder, you will riffle through the shamble of your possessions in utter bewilderment, contemplating the irony that in the event of a move, an overabundance of blessings actually becomes a curse. Also, forced to answer questions such as "Where did this even come from?" and "Why do we even own four spatulas?" you will have the full meaning of the phrase First World Problems pressed upon you effectively.
  • You'll experience some lively, enforced panic cleaning. Perhaps you've been a bit lax lately in the area of dusting beneath larger items, checking behind the dryer for odd socks, or cleaning your baseboards. Fortunately, moving not only brings these areas to your attention but also compels you to action at top speed, raising your heart rate and lowering your apartment's dust levels at the same time. Win-win! 
  • You have a pass. I've found that "I'm moving" works well as an excuse for almost anything, including (but not limited to) coming to work with wet hair, forgetting meetings/assignments, eating cookies for breakfast, and driving around with a mug full of clean forks in the front seat of your car. Go with it. 
  • You'll be able to spend more time with loved ones. This may sound counterintuitive, but although moves are generally harried times, most people find it impossible to move alone. This is especially true if you decide to break your ankle at a critical point just before the move, which is what I decided to do. While this whole experience has been a bit of a trial, it's also turned into a boon, allowing me to bond with friends and family over dust bunnies, packaging tape, and trash runs. After all, nothing says friendship like dumpster diving for empty cardboard boxes in the mall parking lot.
Sure, moving's a bit of a bother, but when it's done, we're left with less messy clutter and closer bonds with those we love.  

And that, truly, is awesome. 


  1. Good grief, Ruth, you are Awesome!
    Great post. I know when we moved and my brother came down to help it touched my heart.
    We helped a friend of ours move last weekend. It was a lot of work but there was definitely a sense of comaraderie that helped us keep going.


    1. Honestly, I've felt loved throughout this entire experience. Thank God for church families!


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