Why Our Mom is Amazing

On Mother's Day, every mom is amazing. While I respect that general concept, I'd like to beg your indulgence for a few moments to tell you a few of the many reasons why our mom is particularly amazing.

1. She taught us to read.

I'm not just talking here about the mechanics of reading, although she taught us those as well. More than merely teaching us how to string syllables together, our mother modeled for us the importance of reading. She taught us that a weekly trip to the local library could reveal unimagined vistas.  She encouraged us to read what we liked, when we liked, as much as we liked.

2. She taught us to be individuals. 

There are now four adult children in my family (spouses excluded). One's in business, one's a musician, one's literary, and one's a professional equestrian. As alike as we are in our shared backgrounds and values, we're each remarkably different in our temperaments and interests.  We were each fostered and nurtured in the areas of our individual strengths and interests, resulting in four adult children who are successful in vastly differing fields. The individual attention, care, and encouragement lavished on us by both of our parents, when paired with consistent discipline and the grace of God, helped to produce four adults ready to face the shocks of life with fairly bulletproof self-esteems.

3. She taught us the importance of laughter.

4. She taught us that to love God is to love others. Over the years, I've lost track of the number of people she's cooked for, cared for, comforted, cheered, prayed for, visited, counseled, and consoled. Through all of these practical considerations, her love for Jesus has been obvious. 

Thanks for everything that you do, Mom.  We love you.


Both of our parents are fantastic, and both model the characteristics listed here to varying degrees. But today's the day to highlight Mom's hand in our upbringing.  Dad's turn is coming


  1. Your mom has taught me about laughter too by simply (or not so simply) bringing you into the world. ;-)

    1. :) So much of my love for life is the direct result of an astoundingly happy childhood. It's all the grace of God.

  2. Gorgeous post! Happy Mother's Day to your awesome mother :)


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