Summer Itinerary

summer 2012

With the school year fading and summer looming large and bright on the horizon, it's time once again for Tourist Ruth to pack her carry-on and wander into the wide, green world in pursuit of adventure.

5/28/09: Packing

For those desiring to keep up with my summer travels--hi, Mom!--here's the current itinerary:

June 12-19: Pennsylvania
June 25-29: Georgia
July 16-25: California
September: Scotland1

If you're living in or around those areas and wish to plan a meet-up, the time to contact me is sooner rather than later.
1. Okay, I realize that September hardly counts as summer, but because I'm already super excited about our Scotland trip, I decided to include it in the summer itinerary rather than face questions as to why we didn't have at least one international trip planned. Oh, and a few of you with detailed memories may be wondering what's happened to our projected New Zealand trip, and never fear: it's only been postponed by a year.


  1. I'm jealous. Here's my summer itinerary: June 11- Julian and I fly up to Missouri to help my mom clean out my grandmother's things(she died Christmas Eve). Stay until my grandfather's advanced cancer kills him.

    1. Oh, Julie! Want to meet up at Butterfly World before you go?


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