How to Keep Yourself and All of Your Students Focused During the Last Week of School Despite Numerous Distractions

I really have no idea.

If anybody has this figured out, please do let the rest of us know.


  1. No clues. We just finished the last day of school. We kept kindergartners focused with sidewalk chalk and the requirement that each picture had to have at least one word. I had a third grader work for stickers yesterday - a sticker for every right answer. It worked for him, for about half an hour.

    Movie Mania? Any kids who got into deep, deep trouble were not allowed to go to the movie this afternoon.

    Heck, ours couldn't even remember how to walk down the hall properly this morning!

    1. Tomorrow's our last day. Today wasn't that bad: just some random bursts of silliness and a general lack of focus on the part of the students despite their having exams all day.


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