Open Letter to Introverts

An open letter to all of the introverts in my life:

 Dear friends,

 I would like to apologize sincerely for all of the times that I have made you feel exhausted and uncomfortable, and for sometimes asking awkwardly searching questions about your thoughts and feelings. It has been (mostly) unintentional on my part, and I will try to be less intense and bombastic from this point forward. Most of the time. When I think about it. And stuff.

Your (Very, Very) Friendly Neighborhood ESTJ


  1. From an ISFJ, thanks, but you're good with me. This introvert realizes that not everyone re-charges by being utterly alone, and that not everyone needs to talk in small group about Subject That Matter, not fluffy stuff. This may be why a lot of introverts aren't popular in school. This introvert saw no reason to discuss boys or clothes; I'd have much rather talked about books. :)

  2. I like to talk about everything. EVERY. THING.

  3. This introvert, for one, really appreciates the extroverted habit of asking searching questions. Yes, sometimes I'd rather not talk ... but when I'm with friends, most of the time I WANT to talk but simply don't know what to say. Having questions to answer is a lifesaver and a wonderful conversation starter. (Forgive me for so often forgetting to ask any of my own!)

    1. Asking questions is my favorite thing EVER! In fact, when I meet new people, I try to warn them about the asking questions thing and say, "I ask a lot of questions. Tell me if I annoy you and I'll stop." Because I don't want to be annoying about it, but if someone's up for it, I can bring the questions like it's nobody's business.


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