GAWA2011, Day Three: One Perfect Day

June 4, 2011

Saturday may very well go down in GAWA history as a perfect day.

After an early-morning jaunt downtown for Alissa to retrieve her race packet, we headed out to see the sights.

Next on the agenda was the Cabrillo National Monument, which blew us away with its stunning views.

Cabrillo National Monument


Cabrillo National Monument

Tourist Ruth Discovers the Pacific

Pictures don't really do it justice, of course. You will have to go see it for yourself.

This was also where we saw a guy with a really nice camera and lots of gear turn his ankle and slip, falling face-first into a rocky tide pool. His camera and gear broke his fall, but somehow this didn’t seem to cheer him. (Witnessing this was the one blot on our perfect day.)

From Cabrillo, we traipsed across town to Balboa Park: a meandering assortment of museums, gardens, and other places cultural enrichment.

Balboa Park


Having had such good fortune thus far, we decided to try our tourist luck once more at the Mormon Battalion Historic Site in Old Town. I will say this: the museum is very well done and entertaining. We did not imagine then that this was but the first of many Mormon encounters we would have during the trip (although considering history, this is not surprising).

Looking to the Future

Since the next day was race day, Alissa needed to carb up for energy and I needed to carb up because I love carbs. (Carbs are awesome.) We rounded out our evening at The Olive Garden, stuffing our faces with 1,000+ calorie meals and sipping excellent coffee.


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