Summer Itinerary

Tourist Ruth Misses the Signs

For those who like to keep up with my summer adventures, here's the current plan:

May 21-22: St. Marys, GA
May 23-28: Lynchburg, VA
May 29: St. Marys, GA
June 2-16: The Great American West Adventure, including stops in CA, AZ, NV, UT, etc.
June 19-26: Lynchburg, VA

As you can see, it's going to be mostly a road trip summer - there are no international stops planned at this time; however, my summer plans are nothing if not fluid. I will keep you posted if any additions are made.

Expect the first summer travelogue updates mid-June. Happy almost-summer, everyone!

Great American West Adventure 2011


  1. This makes me happy. I do like knowing where you are which makes sound like some scary stalker but there you have it.

  2. We need a GRTS: a Global Ruth Tracking System.

  3. GRTS would speak with an annoying, high-pitched whine, I am sure!


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