End-of-Year Box

For the past three or four years (or five?) my friend Krikket has been sending me a "Congratulations, School's Out!" package to commemorate the successful completion of another school year.

With everything she's had going on these past few months -- working full time, going to school to earn her degree, going through a long-distance move -- I could not have been more shocked when her package arrived on Friday like clockwork. When she had time to gather such an eclectic and thoughtful array of trinkets and gifts I don't know (except in one case, but more on that below).

Kat's boxes have always been thoughtful -- one year she sent me a wheel of cheese -- but this box just goes to show how well she understands me after all.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Exhibit A:

Package 1

Exhibit B:

Package 3

And Exhibit C, which made me laugh out loud:

Package 2

I was laughing out loud when I pulled Exhibit C out of the box, and not just because -- well, you know... wind-up hopping lederhosen!!! -- but because I was with Kat when she bought the lederhosen in 2008. We had stepped into a quirky little specialty toy shop (shoppe, actually, I think) to look for some gifts for her young sons while we were visiting Seattle during our Seattle/Victoria 2008: The Elephants Won't Even Be Necessary!TM adventure.

Little did I know as we stood there snort-laughing in the aisle that I'd ever be seeing that pair of plastic lederhosen again!

Almost Normal in Seattle

For more on Seattle/Victoria 2008: The Elephants Won't Even Be NecessaryTM, see HERE.


  1. Pretty awesome! I loved the pics. I can't believe it was three years ago. <3

  2. I think it WAS a shoppe!

    Love you, Ruth! May there be many, many more "School's Out!" boxes!

  3. I miss you both so much! When is our next meet-up!? We must plan one within the next 5 years, maybe at Kat's this time because it's more or less in-between.... Or at my place because I have warm beaches!


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