Not Too Busy

I'll admit it: I often bemoan the fact that I'm busy, but the truth is that I like it. So don't think I'm complaining when I state that this has probably been the most crammed spring semester I've ever had. I've been very busy indeed....

(I just started to make a list of all of the things I am trying to keep up with this semester, but looking at it made me tired, so I deleted it. Just trust me.)

With all of these things going on, however, there are several things that I never seem to be too busy for.

1. I am never too busy to find new music that I like. My friend Pandora has been very kind to me lately, being responsible not only for introducing me to the fantastically soothing Hang on, Little Tomato but also for sparking my recent Bach obsession:

2. I am not too busy to find time to read.

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge

Ruthette has

read 39 books toward her goal of 120 books.


3. I am not too busy to kill spiders. We seem to be having an infestation here at the apartment. I have killed them with balled-up tissues, with my flip-flops, with a magazine, and (in one extreme instance), I killed one by jumping up and down on it after fist attempting to smother it with a Snuggie.

4. I haven't been too busy to start planning my next travel adventure. Although I have no plans at this moment to leave the continental U.S., this summer will find me in Virginia, California, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, South Carolina, Georgia, and maybe (maaaaybe) Pennsylvania. Never fear, I will be posting a general itinerary on the blog as I have in previous years for those of you are interested in keeping up with my where-abouts.

5. I'm not too busy to get some sun. I'm well on my way to my summer Pocahontas-like hue.



    Rostropovich plays my favorite rendition of Bach's Cello Suite.


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