Multiple Wins

I generally hate shopping, but tonight's shopping adventure was so full of wins that it was almost enjoyable:

Win #1: I only had to try on one dress before I found what I was looking for. That's right, ladies and gents. The first dress I tried on.

Win #2: After skipping out to my car with my purchases, I was delayed in backing out of my parking space by a Toyota Carola whose driver clearly had a ridiculous amount of trouble getting her car into a parking space. And she wasn't even backing in. She was pulling in straight (or attempting to do so) and having a very hard time of it. Sitting in my car, I indulged in some mild judging before she at last got her car parked and out of my way. As I looked more closely in my rear view to back up, I realized that I knew the woman driving the other car.

Chuckling to myself, I backed up, put the car in drive...... and looked up to realize that my sun shade was still over the wind shield.

Okay, so maybe that one actually counts as a fail. But it's was so amusing that I'm counting it as a win.


  1. I often wonder how many people notice that it takes me about 8 minutes to parallel park my car. We're both definitely winning.


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