Resolved: to make life amazing

I haven't made resolutions as such, but I have started making a mental list of things I still would like to do to take life over the top from awesome to amazing:

  • sing/dance in a flash mob
  • learn to flip food in a pan without using a spatula
  • get my sister to drink coffee
  • memorize an entire book of the Bible
  • take Jumping pictures in the great American West
  • prank my students
  • take a stained glass window class from the art school near my chiropractor's office
  • divide by zero
  • Go to see Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra. (Don't judge: it looks to be amazing, cheesy fun!)
  • master the art of knife throwing
  • travel to all the places on the map that I have not seen yet (and back to some of the ones I have already)
  • live in a conscious awareness of how much God blesses me
May this next year be one in which your life, too, seems amazing.


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