Mount Olympus Monitor

As part of our study of Greece, my Geography Class is working on a semester project that requires them to take a Greek myth and turn it into a tabloid newspaper article, complete with illustrations, "Dear Aphrodite" letters, advertisements, and classifieds.

Samples of their headlines thus far:

"Sun Falls from Sky!"
"Deranged God Shoots Down Boy!"
"Hades Drags Girl to Hell!"
"Boy's Burning Body Falls from Flying Chariot!"
"Curiosity Kills the World!"
"Boy Saved by Flying Horse!"

Advertisement/Classified Ideas I've heard bandied about:

Used Love Darts (cause a mild crush...and perhaps a rash).
Zeus-mobile: shoots thunderbolts from the tail pipe.

They also started discussing what would happen if the gods were on Facebook:

Their relationship statuses would mostly read "it's complicated," except for Zeus, whose status would say in a relationship with and then would list pretty much everyone from mythology.


  1. I loved my Mythology courses. Except Ode to a Grecian Urn. Never quite caught the motivation on that piece. I always assumed recreational pharmacology was involved.


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