Enjoying the Doubtful Fruits of my Labor

Real answers from Friday's 8th grade history mid-term exam:

Question: When was the Declaration of Independence adopted by the Continental Congress?
Answer: July 4, 1776.

Ridiculous Answer #1: 1492

Ridiculous Answer #2: July 4, 1942

Question: _____________ was the first Secretary of State.
Answer: Thomas Jefferson

Ridiculous Answer: Vice President

Question: What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called?
Answer: The Bill of Rights

Ridiculous Answer #1: The Ten Amendments

Ridiculous Answer #2: Amendments?

Question: What famous naval hero shouted, "I have not yet begun to fight"?
Answer: John Paul Jones

Ridiculous Answer: John Paul Revere


  1. Nice! One of my adult friends posted this on Facebook on Columbus Day, "Ed J******* likes Columbus Day because it's all about our Constitutional Rights!"


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