Making Progress

Several months ago, my announcement that I planned to take up knife-throwing was met with decidedly mixed reactions. But never fear: despite the passage of time, I have not given up on the idea.

One knife to carve them all

You will be pleased to know that I have gone so far as to convince one of the teens from our youth group to loan me a set of throwing knives and instructional DVD that he just happens to have lying around the house. I have also made certain promises to friends that I will only practice in closed-in areas, such as my friend's fenced back yard.

Not that I've actually gotten around to asking her yet, but I'm sure she won't mind. She's a good sport.

Super Cheese!

Besides, that particular backyard and I already have a somewhat adventurous history. It was there that I nearly took a bottle rocket to the face this past 4th of July:

Running for my Life

I'm sure the mere mention of this incident will be enough to assure my friend's cooperation.

Sarah Laughing


* * *

In other news, I am happy to report that this coming week will mark the mid-point of my first 8-week sub-term. That means I'm half-way to my first six credit hours. To celebrate, I plan on staying up really late each night of the week studying, dragging myself to work each morning in a state of bleary-eyed confusion, and subsisting mostly on coffee and gummy fruit snacks.

Oh, yes indeed. Mine is a heady existence!


  1. The fact that you're sticking with knife-throwing is AWESOME. May the knives be thrown with STYLE.

  2. Let us hope that will be the case. :)


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