You Can Stretch Right Up and Touch the Sky

Dollman Beachside

What an excellent summer it's been so far, and it's only just begun! I've already had toes in the sand and feet in the surf -- both Atlantic and Pacific in the same week. One of these summers I'll accomplish a Three-Seas-In-One-Week Hat Trick, I just know it!

Today has been spent pottering around the apartment taking care of little details such as packing, loading MP3's, and (in some cases) putting patches over holes in the bottom of our favorite pair of jeans. Looks like the UK weather is going to cooperate after all: no snow in the forecast for the next two weeks at least! :)

Just a quick travel update for those of you who are keeping track. Whenever I go on an Adventure, my dad's parting words are always the same: "Have fun, be safe, and be a blessing." Please do remember to pray for us and for those whom we're visiting. There's never any telling what the Lord might have in store.

May 20 - 23: San Diego, CA
May 21: Students' last day
May 24-28: Teacher In-service Week

May 29-June 13: UK TRIP!
June 16-20: Port au Prince, Haiti (conducting a seminar for national English language teachers)
June 20-30: Sleep.
July: Work on projects. (Possible road trip up the East Coast?)
August: Back to work.

Have a great summer, guys!

Have fun, be safe, and be a blessing.


  1. *sigh* Wish I could've made it work so I could meet up with you in the UK. Some other time.

    Have a GREAT trip!


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