You Are What You Eat (or not)

Somewhat unusual foods I have eaten:
Salo (raw pig fat)
Eel (crispy fried)
Snake (crispy fried)
Dog (in jiaozi, a kind of steamed dumpling. Delicious no matter what's inside.)
Lotus root (Does that make me a Lotus-eater?)
Seahorse (They might have been a garnish, but I tried to eat mine. Not a lot of meat.)
Shark fin (soup)
Goat (mmmmm)
Congee (not that weird, but fun to say)
jiaohua ji (a whole chicken wrapped in lotus root and baked in mud)
Pijiu Yu (beer fish)
Duck tongue (Looks about as appetizing as it sounds.)
"Fish stomach" (I never did find out what kind of fish.)
Stuffed pig stomach (This my grandma made for us when we were kids.)
Scrapple (If you have never heard of this, you are lucky.)

Actually, this list isn't as long as I thought it would be.


  1. Duck tongue
    Hmm. This doesn't sound like it would go too far.


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