The Look, Part II

Below is an exchange with a friend prompted by this post: The Look.

J: In the Simon/fish story, do you note that even though The Look forces Simon to action that he still doesn't do it with a willing heart? Jesus asked Simon to let down his NETS--plural--and Simon halfheartedly led down a NET--singular. Because he did not trust Jesus fully, he suffered loss as the net could not hold all the fish and was damaged. If Simon had obeyed, he would have had a wondrous catch, and his net would not have suffered. Simon's obedience was not complete.

I'm not picking on Simon, as he had worked hard all night and was most likely very tired. However, he lost the fullness of blessing Jesus had for him because he was unbelieving.

And I do believe The Look happened right at the colon, too!

I've often considered Jesus had The Look when speaking to the mob who wanted to stone the woman caught in sexual sin.

R: What an excellent point. I hadn't considered that.

Yes! The Look MUST have accompanied the writing-on-the-ground episode, and don't you just want to know exactly what it was that he wrote? That has been a much- debated point in this apartment.

I also believe that Jesus laid The Look on the crowd that wanted to cast Him off the cliff and stone Him at the beginning of His ministry. I've always pictured The Look causing them to step back and part for Him to "pass through the midst of them," although Bethany thinks I am wrong. She thinks that as they reached out to grasp Him, He allows them to grasp hold of each other instead of Him, and He leaves them wrestling, cartoon-like, as He passes through the crowd and on His way.

J: I've heard it said that Jesus wrote down the sins of the men involved, but I've never reconciled myself to that scenario. Wouldn't that have inflamed the mob and made them want to silence Him? There would have been angry outbursts and denials rather than a slipping away. Perhaps Jesus outlined the sins of their loved ones who could have serious repercussions if they received what they deserved without mercy--doing so without naming them but stating it in such a way that each man knew in his heart of hearts what He was talking about.

I'm more inclined to Bethany's view when it comes to the murderous crowd. The Look is highly effective when used upon loved ones--those who care about your opinion--and upon those under your authority. I would think angry mobs would be immune to The Look. Also, mobs come from all sides at a person, and Jesus wouldn't have had a 360° stare. Or would He?

Someday, we shall have these answers!

R: That's true about The Look. Whatever the explanation, it was due less to a display of power or of avoidance than it was that His time had not yet come.

* * * *

And also this:

N: and oh, the yearning of His heart in the words
in Mark 10:21 >

> '... And Jesus, *looking at him, loved him*,
and said to him,... one thing ...'


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