Evidence That Demands a Verdict

I arrived home from work around 5:00pm to an unexpected sound: the washing machine running. Considering the trouble we were having a few weeks ago before we got our replacement washer, you will understand when I tell you that my first thought was one of dread: Has that washer been running ALL DAY since I left for work this morning!? That's like ten hours straight! And then, Wait a second... I didn't start any wash this morning. Did I?

Considering my fragile mental state most mornings, I couldn't be quite sure that I hadn't. Still puzzling over the problem, I dumped my school stuff on the table and stomped across our minuscule kitchen to the laundry room, where I discovered that my ears did not deceive me: the washer was indeed cycling, completely empty and with the lid up.

I didn't have far to look for further evidence that my sister had been home in the middle of the day.

Kitchen evidence:
  • Bottle of vanilla extract on the counter and cookie sheet in the sink.
  • Mysterious crumbs on the counter nearest the dishwasher, as if someone stood there eating warm, crumbly cookies straight from the oven and then failed to clean up after herself.
  • Three (3!) open/empty soup cans left sitting upright on the bar, still inside a plastic shopping bag, as if someone had carried them in from her car but has chosen not to throw them away... yet.
Living-room evidence:
  • Computer plugged back in (disconnected everything this morning before leaving for work due to the aaaaaaaaah!-tons-of-lightning-and-thunder! that accompanied my dash out to the car).
  • Headphones plugged into the laptop as if someone has been watching Dr. Who reruns.
  • TV/DVD remotes on the sofa, rather than stacked up on the entertainment center where I normally keep them.
  • The broken (and Scotch-taped) slat in our horizontal blinds hanging askew: compelling evidence that someone other than me opened/shut the blinds last.
But the most telling clue of all: we are out of cold Cokes in the fridge!

EDIT: Sister says the soup cans are for VBS crafts, the cookies were gross, the vanilla bottle is empty and needs to be washed out, she hasn't touched the blinds, I never put the remotes away, and that she knows that she - for sure - shut the washer off before she went back to work. So go figure.


  1. This sounds like how I know if Dustin has been home! =)

    Your washer sounds magical. >.>


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