Magnetic Poetry

Knowing that the kids would be in somewhat of a party mood today due to the anticipation of tomorrow's school trip to Epcot, I planned ahead. I brought in bags of magnetic word poetry, dumped a handful on each desk about fifteen minutes before class ended, and told the students to get their creative juices flowing and see what they make of the words they'd been given. The only real requirement was that within the time frame given, each person had to make a contribution to what we called the "Word Board" (which was actually just my metal door, but I like to give things fancy names).

3/31/10: Making arrangements

The results varied according to the student, but several students surprised even themselves with their various uses of creativity, poetic imagery, humor, and of course occasional bursts of complete incoherence.

Some personal favorites:

woman sleep & shop

think in fiction

old smell is man lather

she searched for another villain to find wicked new magic

I whisper vows to woo wanton women of beauty and romance

turn the delicate page

good use of time & wisdom

I felt drunk at science time

you inspire people

show character under slander

wicked temptings haunt me

chocolate though luscious can create deathly torment

my desire is always to live & love life as if it will end tonight

beautiful art teaches magic

a whale tale has some truth to it

I sweat black blood and stare into the sea

fear the storm

search art within

I sleep like a whale

imagine fiction like smeared rain

seek happiness through lordship

why is mother always bare

I want a pink haired puppy

some must whisper questions

your play car is shorter than my finger

man next to thee hast exploded

not so loud

see time cry and eat

see no evil

if you damn grace you will be cursed

her whale haunts each difficult girl

rob this author of his almost saucy codpiece

smear there page with peaches

get well soon at drunkard club

woo ladys

take me over to their favorite lover

I see chocolate death

the beautiful goddess has saucy hair

rip open the tongue

I think of you all the time

grow up

I am always mean

raw juice

where could we live

soon after seeking a white hero drunk blue knife trifle

I desire her to watch for slander

death enter the soul to show light

the love of lady is like a laughing whale who has a torment'd night and a empty vulgar heart

seeking white whale

purple suit
red dress

imagine life and you never know what it is like to live epicly

* * * *

As you can see, whale was quite a popular word today.


  1. Some of these sentences are simply brilliant! I am truly impressed!

  2. Knowing which sentence comes from which kid makes some of them all the more interesting, too. :)

  3. I ought to try that! It would definitely be interesting to see what 4th graders come up with.

  4. <3 these!!

    Why is mother always bare? Hmmm....

  5. Did that one particular student KNOW what a codpiece is???


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